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Our mission it to provide The Best Hour of Your Day, Phenomenal Coaching, and a Great Member Experience. We believe that CFMW provides the structure and tools to create vast health and fitness. From the new member to the old timer, fun will be had walking through these doors. Welcome to kicking Ass into our 90’s!



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What members are saying


The owner was amazing!! Along with his coaches. It was a great experience. He got down to business with our Rugby team and we got a good workout in. Walked us through every work out & showed us how to correctly do everything. Everything was amazing!! And loved. Thank you Coach James!!

Kyleigh K.

Muddy Water CrossFit changed my life. James is an amazing coach. I’ve dealt with a lot of body dysmorphia and depression and the atmosphere James provides and pure encouragement from the other coaches has helped me overcome so much and has helped me develop a true love for myself. Forever grateful.

Johndavid F

This place is awesome!! We needed a place for a youth group to workout and James let us use his amazing gym. He stayed late and helped coach and inspire and was just the best. This guy knows his stuff and his heart is in the right place. This is your new CrossFit home

Wade S.

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